Celebrate Your Color


Very often, children of color face many of the same challenges that their parents, older family, and community members face. It’s not lost on us that children face adversity, and it can be challenging to be heard. We want to celebrate their confidence, kindness, silliness, power, joy, frustration, love, growth, and passion. We want to showcase the things most important to them and give them the opportunity to shine.

Open to Girls of Color Ages 11-17

This photoshoot series is a unique experience for children of color to celebrate and recognize their power and impact.  This experience allows them to recognize their individuality, feel empowered by their beauty, see themselves as powerful agents of positive change in their communities, and feel seen, valued, and celebrated for who they are.

Our photoshoot experience enables children to see themselves in a new light. The girls celebrate the beauty of who they are and the uniqueness they bring to our world. We love showing children they are beautiful just the way they are. It’s okay to be proud of yourself and share it with the world.

Letting your heart and soul shine in front of the camera is an experience of a lifetime. It’s an opportunity to be confident and proud of who they are.

Only 20 Girls Chosen


Style and concept consultation. We will start with a style and concept consultation to discuss and plan the concept for your portraits. I will provide detailed guidance on what to wear.

Professional makeup artistry onsite the day of your shoot. Prepare to be pampered! You will look and feel AMAZING!

Fun studio portrait session including multiple wardrobe changes.  Sessions will last up to 1 hour and include 2–3 different looks. I will guide through the poses from head to toes!

Inclusion in the digital project magazine. At the end of the project I will create and publish a digital magazine showcasing the 20 participants. Your featured portrait and a bit of your personal story will be included in the magazine for this project. 

An 8×10 matted print of your featured portrait. Immediately following your photoshoot, we will review your images. You will select your favorite portrait to receive as an 8×10 matted print and the accompanying digital file to share on social media, as my gift to you. You will also have the opportunity to purchase additional portraits. What you purchase is entirely up to you! (Please inquire about my print product pricing guide if you are interested in purchasing any additional images or artwork.)

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